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Building walkable, diverse neighbourhoods – where people love to live

From concept to completion, we’re with you through every stage of land development.

The development process is complicated, and we’re here to help. As a legacy developer interested in addressing social needs, while making a positive impact on the built environment, you recognize the importance design details have on place making—and how critical execution is to brand integrity.

Our team has the creative skills and experience to begin working with you at the early concept stage all the way through construction. We help you foster good relationships with municipalities, neighbours, and home buyers. In short? We believe in the importance of neighbourhoods and the people they serve.

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We don’t do sprawl.

Our firm offers a comprehensive service to the land development industry.

Specializing in urban infilling and intensification using New Urbanist principles, Better Neighbourhoods maximizes property value and return on investment. We only participate in projects that we believe will improve the surrounding neighbourhood, and offer services in everything from planning and urban design to development management and engineering.

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Building concept design and urban design guidelines


Execution/implementation of approved concept to built form


Site selection, planning and developement approvals


Site engineering (municipal/civil)

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