• General advice regarding the potential of a prospective site for approval and economic return before commitments
  • Advice for preparation of agreements of Purchase/sale of a prospective property
  • Advice during the due-diligence period regarding potential pitfalls and key elements that may affect development (environmental, servicing, markets etc.)
  • Advice regarding the potential market for a prospective property (with others)
  • Preparation of and updating of Land Development Economic Forecast & Cash Flow Projection


  • Acting as Team Leader throughout the Land Development Process (not the building process)
  • Participation & advice in meetings with investors, lenders, municipal staff & politicians
  • Participation & advice regarding the compilation of the Project Team including the lawyer, the surveyor, the building designers, the marketing consultants etc.
  • Retaining the Development Team on behalf of the Owner,
  • Retaining outside consultants on behalf of the Owner (Site Electrical, Archaeological, Environmental, Traffic, Structural etc.)
  • Maintaining good communications with the Owner and Investors
  • Expediting action including approvals
  • Preparation of Timeline & updating as required
  • Producing & maintaining a project prioritized “DO LIST”
  • Expediting and participating in the resolution of planning, engineering or other issues
  • Participating in selection of building materials, colours etc.
  • Input into marketing documents & that process
  • Coordination and resolution of development issues during the building process


  • Negotiating terms of SPA approvals
  • Preparation of First Draft of Condominium Documents for finalization by the lawyer
  • Negotiations for and expediting of reduction & release of SPA securities & Hydro rebates
  • Negotiations for and expediting of Hydro Agreement
  • Expediting of easements required by utilities
  • Negotiations for Lot Sales and follow-up with the builder
  • Participating with the Condominium Board during the period up to the “turnover” date
  • Negotiations and expediting of return by the City of securities provided for the project
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